Welcome back to a brand new edition of Sexy Riot. It’s been a minute since we’ve released a new issue. We were hell bent on getting Mosh to do this issue. Now we are in heaven because we made this interview a reality and a huge thanks to Mosh for agreeing to do it. Mosh is much like an underground cult icon. She has fans folks, they aren’t just regular fans. She has a cult like following that love everything she does – for good reason. Check out this exclusive lengthy convo we had with pale beauty, Ms. Mosh. Enjoy!


What do you love best from modeling fetish?

The feeling I get while modeling it and the final product when we're done shooting. It's a very inspiring and empowering feeling.

What was your first photo shoot like? Were you nervous?

It was somewhat boring yet exciting all at once. The shoot was at a park by my hometown. I didn't have any interesting wardrobe to wear, and this was before I really understood how to do my makeup well, so the final images weren't that fantastic but it was thrilling to see what I could produce in front of the camera. So I proceeded to the next shoot, and the next. I wasn't really nervous, I decided that I wanted to start modeling for fun, so I just let  happen as I wanted them.

Up to this point, is there anything you would of done differently?

I sometimes think about them, but I don't regret any of my mistakes and the choices that I've made. You need to make those mistakes in order to grow as a person and a model, and learn from them to become better and stronger.

What do you wear when you go to bed? What was your last dream about?

I sleep in the nude or just in my underwear. I actually can't remember my last dream. There's this Russian theory that if you look out the window right after you wake up, you forget what you dreamed about because you immediately reconnect to reality as soon as you look outside. I don't know if its actually true, but I remember looking out the window the last time I had a dream.


Was it strange getting nude in front of the camera?

Actually no. My first nude shoot was done with a photographer that I trusted, and I was very comfortable with the idea of being nude prior to shooting.

How do you deal with weight? do you work out, diet?

I haven't had to deal with weight for a long time. In high school, after I quit a majority of the sports I used to do, I gained some excess weight. I lost a lot of it by eating primarily fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereal with some lean meat thrown in here and there. I was a gymnast and cheerleader for a majority of my childhood and teenage years, so my physical body stayed put for the most part. I used to go to gyms but really hated having to go somewhere to work out. Now I just exercise at home, doing exercises that I used to do when I was still a gymnast. I don't really diet, I just eat what I want, which generally balances out because I do like eating my healthy foods.


When was the last time you cried and why?

A few weeks ago. It was something family related, and thankfully it turned out okay.

Where do you get most of your business from?

Ask my inbox.

Seems like you enjoy old hotels, motels, diners. Are you a traditionalist?

When I think of the word traditionalist, I think of stubborn conservatives who are incredibly narrow minded. I also think of the typical 50's "American dream family" which consisted of a husband who went off to work in the city while the wife stayed at home in the suburbs, cooking and cleaning. I wouldn't mind living in a nice 50's home complete with a white picket fence however I am far from the narrow minded conservatives. I enjoy and adore the American culture from the 20s-early 60s. In my opinion, the style and designs of those eras, from Art Deco to Atomic, were the strongest and the best in America. They continue to influence us today even without people knowing it, which fascinates me. I am also most attracted to those styles. If I'm not wearing simple and loose garments to get to shoots, I'm wearing vintage or vintage-inspired clothing. It amazes me how my 50-90 year old dresses have outlasted the junk that gets manufactured today, not to mention how much more beautiful and detail-oriented they are.

Where's the best place to get a burger and a milk shake from your travels?

Try to find the tucked away diner off of a highway or a family-owned restaurant that's been around for at least 50 years. Those generally continue the original burger tradition, made old-fashioned style. One of my favorite things about traveling, especially when I'm driving from location to location, is driving through small towns that haven't really changed over time. That's where you find the really good food. Some of the best burgers and milk shakes are right here in Los Angeles too, and you don't have to look hard.


Any good stories?
About the milk shake and burgers? Not really. But once I did a shoot with a milkshake and poured it all over my body. No matter how hard I scrubbed, I continued to be sticky for a few days.

No tats, why? What would you get as your first?

Who said I'd ever get one :)
I'm attached to my clean, white skin. Although I don't think tattoos would hold anybody back from being versatile, but for me I have a very easy time moving from look to look because I don't have any tattoos, and I love having that ability. Clean pale skin is something that I really love in general, having it myself doesn't make me want to cover it up with ink. Clean skin seems to be getting harder and harder to find today as well, which is also something that appeals to me. Someone once compared me to "the last unicorn" haha! Don't get me wrong, I adore tattoos and am attracted to them. Especially traditional ink. Especially when that tradition ink is on a woman's leg. I do believe that I have a fetish for leg tattoos.

You lived in the Soviet Union at a young age, any memories?

The one I can always remember clearly is standing in line at about 5 in the morning with my mother, waiting to get some milk and meat. It was wintertime and very cold. I remember the scents of Russia more than any actual memories, probably due to how young I was when we left. For example, I clearly remember what our apartment complex entrance smells like. It sounds odd, I know. I use my sense of smell often.


What is your opinion on Communists?

The idea of communism is far too extreme for a society to actually function on. You're relying on a large group of people to give up things like private ownership and class status. The idea of giving everyone an equal weight on voting while not having elected leaders is something that I think is insane. I have to say though, that I feel like the idea of Communism helped bring Russia back to its feet. There were many problems that came with the USSR, however there was order and it produced some of the hardest working and intelligent individuals that I have ever known.

Is Obama Socialist?

Anything that came out of Sarah Palin's mouth should be taken with a grain of salt.
Obama is not socialist. None of his policies reflect a socialist's view. He isn't changing our financial system, or replacing troops in Iraq with scholars and educators. His health care system is probably the furthest thing from being in any way related to socialism. I'm not saying that I'm against his policies or that I'm a socialist, but he simply does not show any sign of socialism based on his policies.

Is there anyone you would be terrified of them seeing you in artistic nude poses or fetish?

After having thousands of people viewing you naked on the web where anybody can see it, I don't really think you should even bother worrying about someone in particular seeing you.


Tell us about your site?

In short, its a site chock-full of pretty and juicy images, videos, webcam chat shows, journal entries and a detailed calendar, members-only e-mail, candids, an ever-growing extras page, and more. This is where I explore and share my interests, fetishes, and ideas. Its primarily about me sharing my love for modeling latex, leather, lace, and everything in between, in a variety of ways and looks. Some join because they're interested in myself and my work, some because they love my portfolio and want to see more, some because they want to use my poses and images for reference for their own artwork. Others join simply because they're curious about me, my life, fetishes, beauty, pinup, and the not so usual. It's also a place where I keep in close contact with my members. There will also a guest version of the site where you can view my portfolio, credentials, message me, and more.

Any guilty pleasures?

Nutella. Although I don't really consider it guilty.

Any near death experiences?

I've had some scary spills during my gymnastics years, and have been in some car accidents. However I don't think they were near death experiences.

Wildest place you ever had sex?

Is there any place considered wild anymore? Haha!

What's next?
---Aside from continuing my modeling career and running my paysite, I will be coming out with a lipstick line. I'm also working on a few other lines but you can keep up to date on that by visiting my site,