Business is Social
One day I was telling a friend that he should make a zine about his company or at least a blog of some sort. To my surprise he told me he was forbidden to do anything online related to the company. So I asked, they let you talk to customers everyday, be the face of the company, fly you all around supervising hundreds of employees yet won’t let you talk to customers online? Are you allowed to talk to customers on the phone? He then quickly tried to change the subject; but I didn’t let him. I said he should look into that and if that really is the truth that he should petition to have that policy changed ASAP

My guess is that this is why Joel wrote this book. Crappy companies are getting ripped online, we all know that, but really good companies, companies that have happy customers are missing a HUGE opportunity! I’m not sure if its fear or lack of knowledge.

I’m not going to call him out other than say the company is in the retail business and he’s a V.P. in the company. I plan to recommend this book to him.
Should you turn your company into a SocialCorp?
Joel Postman is Principal of Socialized, a consultancy that helps companies make effective use of social media in corporate communications, marketing and public relations; and former EVP of Emerging Media at Eastwick Communications.

You can find his book on Amazon or

Sounds like a good read. I`ll have to check it out. I`m still a little intimidated by social media but you can`t ignore the impact it`s having on business.