The T.E.N.'s Tenth Street Team! Member and Captain "Zo"

T.E.N. Diva - Olga

Ice Storm Radio's own - Harley Sharrock
Look out world! It's Harley and Ice Storm Radio!
Total Entertainment Network, Inc. (The T.E.N.) welcomes our newest show host:  Harley Sharrock.  Harley has a show on T.E.N. - Radio called "Ice Storm Radio" every Friday from 7 - 9 pm CST.  You can listen to Harley LIVE by visiting The T.E.N. website at

You never know what Harley is going to say which keeps her show very interesting.  Harley is not only a radio personality, she is the lead singer of Harley and The Ice Storm Band and she is a World Champion Figure Skater...(That where the Ice Storm fits in!).

There is truth to the old adage...."Dynamite comes in small packages!"  Harley has a great personality and it shows. 
Who is The T.E.N.?
We are Total Entertainment Network, Inc. and we are here to shake up the entertainment industry!  The T.E.N. is the brainchild of Lucey Knight, Vito Jackson, Kerry Davis and Lori Karlis.  This dynamic group came together for a purpose and that purpose is to effect change.  Long since tired of keeping up with the status quo this group will step outside the box.  This crew is tired of standard media practices of keeping the public on a need to know basis.  The T.E.N. will always report the truth and the facts as they are...this group doesn't sugar coat anything!  They are in the business to keep it real and they are serious about it.

At Total Entertainment Network, Inc. you will find the following:

T.E.N. Radio - giving anyone who has ever thought of or wanted to be a radio personality the opportunity to do so.  At The T.E.N. it's not about who you know or that the position is filled.  As a T.E.N. Radio personality the show host has the full creative control over their 2-hour weekly airtime.

T.E.N. - T.V.
- things really heat up on T.E.N. - T.V. - you might see Vito on the streets of Dallas doing interviews or he and Lucey may hit the hottest events for interviews!  Lori will take you on a journey through paranormal investigations and helping you communicate with your loved ones on the other side.  You never know what T.E.N. - T.V. is going to bring don't miss an episode!

The T.E.N. also offers up other services like a full blown recording studio designed to meet the needs of Indie Artists without crushing their pocketbooks!  You will also find Videography services presented by Backyard Film's own Jeff Chaffin and Web design services from Johnny Balderamous.  There are also things like insurance services, graphic design and much more.

The T.E.N. is the next big thing to hit the entertainment industry.  Check out what The T.E.N. has to offer by visiting !