Bridge It
Welcome again my good friends. Since this is Blonde Bonanza Month we couldn't do this without interviewing the blondalious model living in the westcoast, no other then Bridget Blonde. She's got so much to share with us like her exciting new calender and her big red juicy lips! Enjoy !! - Sexy Riot

So tell us about this calendar your working on, whats it all about? is every bit of awesomeness you could ever expect from me! Its pin-up meets fetish meets amazing! Charlie Bones was the photographer and I couldn't have done what we did with anyone else!

You have been posting videos on the development of your calendar. Are you going to post more video blogs often?

As soon as I find someone who wants to tag along to all of my shoots to film....heck yes!!!

You have a toned body. Do you go to the gym often?

Yes! I love the gym. I do a particular type of workout though, CROSSFIT, google it! I definitely have to work hard on my body to keep it how i like it...its not easy cause I totally love bad food!!! Must be the Texas girl in me :)


So, I take it your naturally Blonde right?

I sure am! Well I'm not naturally white...haha...but Blonde yes

Do you consider yourself an ALT model?

Not really...I enjoy the challenge of modeling so I try to do new looks all the time. I don't classify myself in any particular group of modeling.

Who are some other models you admire?

Girls I love to lurk-Anne Linfjeld, Mosh, Alysha Nett, Hattie Watson, Ulorian Vex, Raquel Reed, etc etc there are oh so many more! Lucky for me I'm friends with most of these hot women :)

You have great lips, you must be a great kisser?

The BEST! Wanna find out???

You love pit-bulls, do you own any. Why do you like them so much?

I do! Her name is Daisy Duke, Double D!!! hahaha. She is my whole heart :) I rescued her Dec. 3rd of 2009 so she just now is a year old. I also have a lil toy chihuahua who is 6 years old, Harley <3 Pit-bulls are different than any other type of dog and once you have one you wont ever own anything else! They are totally misunderstood by the general public...I have never owned a dog more loyal, well-behaved, and beautiful in my life!

Are you a social butterfly? Do you have a lot of friends?

Hmm...I have A LOT of acquaintances...I only keep a few solid people around me due to the fact that relationships take time and you have to maintain them...right now my life is selfishly driven around work and producing as much as i can

When you don't like a guy that keeps calling, what type of excuses do you usually

No excuses....I just don't answer. The end.

How has modeling changed your life?

Modeling brought me back to life! The second I figured out this is what I'm supposed to be doing...I could all of the sudden breathe deeper. It challenges me daily and my goals get bigger and bigger. I'm driven like i had never been before. (haha hope that wasn't too cheesy)

Will you be modeling in 15 years?...if not...what do you see yourself getting into?

Gosh...probably not. I'm working on my own lingerie line so hopefully by then I will be doing everything behind the scenes...time to bring out some new young flesh by then!

Why do you think a majority of ATL models gravitate to pinup and fetish style modeling?

Because they get bored, at least that's my reason, everyone needs to be challenged in life....otherwise you don't get better. Why be awesome at one thing when you can be awesome at a few things :)

Any type of modeling you avoid like the black plague?

NUDE!!!!! hahaha....its just not for me quite yet. Maybe someday

How often do you say yes to jobs, and how often do you say no?

I love to work so I usually say yes, unless its just totally not beneficial. My rates are so insanely flexible but I also don't want to be taken advantage of.

I love Mexican food, whats your favorite dish?

Eeeeeeek! That's so difficult! Enchiladas or tacos for sure! I can eat chips/salsa/guacamole all day!!!!!!

You look very sexy and sensual, but you look like you could be tough as nails. Can you kick some ass?

Come over....i will show you...

What are huge turn on's for you, that will make you completely crazy about a guy?

MANNERS!!! Chivalry is not dead!!! I'm a Texas better open that door!

What type of dates do you prefer?

Depends...during the day a hike with the dogs or maybe the beach. Nigh time long dinner and a movie for sure!

Who are some of the photographers you been working with thus far?

Ama Lea, Clayton Addison, Andrew James, Brink Ability, Debbie Rotkowitz, Dangerously Dolly, Andy Hartmark, Isaac Madera, Charlie Bones, Eric Gea, the list goes on and on!

How do you spend your weekends?

Doggie playdates, food and wine, work, work, work, work!!!!

How can people follow your modeling?

ALSO....heres where you can order my 2011 Calendar!!!