Great Affirmations for Ending Needless Drama
I walk away from unnecessary conflict.

When others try to engage me in unnecessary conflict, I simply walk away. I know better than to waste my time and energy trying to communicate with someone who just wants to argue.

If the other person honestly wants to listen, then I am open to sharing my views. But if the person simply wants to quarrel, I am not afraid to end our interaction.

I am free from the need to always be right and convince others of my point of view. I have enough self-respect and compassion to leave a pointless argument behind.

When I walk away from those types of situations, I keep my inner self intact. I do not give my power away by engaging in unnecessary drama. Part of being a great communicator is knowing when to speak and when to be silent.

I walk away from meaningless disagreements because I deserve to live a life free from drama and stress.

As I seek to enjoy a positive life, I gravitate toward healthy interactions and away from negativity; I do not entertain conflict because it is like a shower of negativity.

Each time I walk away from unnecessary conflict, I add value to myself. Others respect me because I uphold a high level of communication. Since they know I will not give them the satisfaction of a quarrel, they rarely try to engage me in conflict.

As a result of walking away from conflict, I live a peaceful life. My mental health is in great shape because I do not allow insignificant dramas to rattle me.

Conflict: The Ego's Favorite Game and How to End It
“You can't win argument. You can't because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it.” - Dale Carnegie

Do you know a person that has an endless conflict cycle? I certainly do. Heck, I probably was one of those people back in the day. Usually, conflict or as we say in recent times, “drama” makes up so much of our environment. Check out our entertainment such as Reality TV (The Bachelor is a perfect case in point), Soap Operas, Talk Shows…geez, you name it, it’s got drama.

But what exactly makes up conflict? Very simply put, “ego”. Without ego there is no drama. Most drama stems from two people taking opposing mental positions and the ego getting completely attached to those positions. The need to be “right” is one of the ego’s favorite games. The ego has no interest in listening to understand the other. Or walking away from needless arguments. It wants to win, win, win!!!

What exactly do we win though? What’s the prize anyway? And is it worth the cost? The cost of your self-respect, the cost of the time and energy spent proving how “right” you are, the cost of the possibility of a healthy interaction with another fellow human being?

We have all felt the remorse of saying things we didn’t mean in the heat of the moment. The moment in which we allowed our ego to overtake us and play the game of “I win”. But we can choose something different. We can call our egos on its crappy game.

Here are a few suggestions to create some space around unnecessary conflict when you feel your ego perk up and wanting to engage:

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Personal Reflection Questions:
1. What can I gain from walking away from unnecessary conflict?

2. Do I know when I should speak and when should be silent?

3. What is more important to me, being right? Or having a healthy relationship (with myself and with others)?
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