99 % of all Indicators are Reactive... Are yours?

99 % of all Indicators are reactive, Are your Methods are Reactive?

If you trade Futures or are looking to,
You might consider this new Approach which is purely Seeing the Future in Futures"

With Future based forward Designed application, like nothing you have ever seen,
if you are using man - made Indicators open your mind to a New Direction in trading , a completely new frontier in trading.

Join us for a look .

The World's First Solar Cycle forum solely based on the 'Trading Harmonically with the Universe' Methodology.

100% Astro cycles. No technical indicators. Astro correlation and theory as it relates to the E-mini futures markets.

Topics and Images will include:

Unveiling the Coded Language
Price correlation to Cycles
Time correlation to Price
Astro cycles
Sun & Moon Relationships
All Cycles in the Solar System
Astro Wheels
All other Functions of Astronomy in correlation to
the Futures & Stock Markets
Timing the Markets using Solar Cycles.
Price Levels using Solar Cycles
and much more ..............



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New Solar Cycle approaches to Trading Forex,Go inside Markets

New Solar Cycle approaches to Trading Forex,Go inside Market Movements.

With Questions Like as Follows :

This is the types of material we cover at Trading Harmonically’s DVD Series, Webinars and on the Forum.

Equinox, 2009....

What is the closest we come to the Holy Grail?

Trading Futures, We need to see into the Future! How?

Why Trade Cycles? The Big Question?

Markets are Just Cosmic Ping-Pong Between Planets

Planetary Trading Rules....Trading Harmonically

Going Deeper !

One of the Most Important Concept in Trading. What is it?

How To Determine the Most Profitable Trades!

How can Cycles define My Stop?
On what Cycles Do I take Profit or Exit ?
What Confirms a Trade Entry...
How Do I prepare for trading Tomorrow!
Trading Rules for Swing Traders....
Trading Rules for Daily Trades...
Trading Rules for Intraday Swings

Why is Uranus So Powerful ?
It was involved in the Major Gold top this week as well as the May 12 h Major Gold top.

Let’s look deeper into Uranus…
Transforms Market Direction is a strong meaning for this odd Planet.

Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, has its spin axis almost in the plane of its orbit about the Sun. This produces unusual seasons and also causes unique magnetic and electric field structures. Uranus has a faint ring system and 27 known moons.
The magnetosphere of Uranus has a very strange tilt. The extreme tilt, combined with the extreme tilt of Uranus itself, makes for a completely strange magnetosphere, one which has twisting structure.

One of the most distinctive features of Uranus is its axial tilt of ninety-eight degrees. Consequently, for part of its orbit one pole faces the Sun continually while the other pole faces away. At the other side of Uranus' orbit the orientation of the poles towards the Sun is reversed. Between these two extremes of its orbit the Sun rises and sets around the equator normally.

"The Financial Markets Are Generally Unpredictable."George Soros

"The Financial Markets generally are Unpredictable.
So that one has to have different scenarios...

The idea that you can Actually predict what's going to happen
contradicts my way of looking at the markets" ( I do not agree, Show Me Proof..I will ) Trading Harmonically...

George Soros

What is Language of Planets To the Markets!

Which Zodiac Generates 1.5% more Amplitude than the other?

PROOF OF HIGH PROBABILITY Energy shifts that affect all markets.

•The Parallel & the Contra Parallel
Like you have never "seen "them.

How do I use this knowledge to trade?

THE KEY COORDINATE SYSTEMS…Which move the market?
What are they ?

The Luminaries , Sun & Moon and Intra-day values.

Square & Trine Cube and Tetrahedron Platonic solids.......
Why are these important?

Kepler’s Platonic Solids and their application to the Markets..


Geometry of Time...

What is Price Geometry?

Planetary Speed Lines...
13 The Mayan Lord of Time
What Planet That Controls Major Moves ?
One of the S&P Rulers.?
Chiron is this a Planet ?

Trading Uranus..

Saturn ,Why important?

Jupiter , A Business Planet

One of the Daily Rulers, It Moves the Markets powerfully
Which Planet is it?

Why is Venus so Important?
How does Mercury Become Trade able?

Do The Longitudes of the Planets Move the Markets?

Why is the Lunar Phase Angle so High Probability?
And how do I see this Critical Angle to trade each Day?

How do I Trade the Moon Tomorrow?
Which is the most predictive Method to Forecast Support & Resistance into the Future?

True Forecasting.
When it comes to Mathematics, Time, and Calendars, the Mayans are Geniuses

What was the critical cycle Gann was referring to in The Tunnel through the Air?

The Biggest moves generated off this Planet, More than any other in the Futures & Stock Markets?

What is the single most correlated cycle to the S&P?
What is the hidden Y axis Cycles that are almost never used to determine Price levels?

What do Planets do that are one of the Highest probability trades you can Trade?
If you can see them!

What Aspect generated Bigger moves than all others?

Gold Vibrates off this for ten years
That I have back-tested.

What are the true critical Degrees that you can Bank on?

Powerful Critical Degrees....................
Applying Numbers Theory to Intra-day Trading

Join us May 18th for 6 weeks Intensive Live Meetings.
Email : Jacefinancial@yahoo.com

We will explore some understanding of Numbers Theory and the markets,

Gann had 33 books on Numerology on his book list.

The Power of Nines
The Secret Power of Nines and how to use it in correlation to the markets
An Introduction to the Language of the Markets
The Intention & Meanings of Planets to the markets.
The Egyptians' & Mayans' Secret Star
What it is and how to use it

Solar Cycles
The full range of all cycles in the Solar System & how these integrate to form confluent structures will be covered.

Really Understanding cycles that affect the markets, two years to discover.

Great Circles
An understanding of all of the relationships of the Great Circles yields the four dimensionality of the spheres and the key intersection points that are critical to ones understanding of the full map.
Astronomy & Intra-day Timing
Astronomical Functions reveal yet another layer.
The Keys to the Moon's Sacred Geometry !
Laws of Frequency Intra-day
These time frequencies, or time turns, are exposed as energy points based on the great circles of the spheres in the places where they intersect. Learn how to apply these Intra-day.

Laws of Vibration Intra-day!
These time frequencies, or time turns, are exposed as energy points based on the great circles of the spheres in the places where they intersect. Learn how to apply this Intra-day.

Solar Cycles, How to Apply These Cycles.
Historic Cycles
Study the past and you will understand the future !
For Futures traders looking to Go Beyond Traditional Methods

For Futures traders looking to Go Beyond Traditional approaches to trading, Timing, & Price movement.

Trading Harmonically’s First’s…

The World’s first Film, The Art & Science of Financial Astrology on Correlation of the Planets to the Stock Market,

The World’s First Forum on Intraday S&P correlation between Cycles and the Markets.

Production of the most comprehensive series on trading using Solar Cycles , Real financial Astrology, not hype World’s First Master DVD Series 9 Titles, nearly 60 hours of material totally designed with Educational slant for fast trader education saving one 5-10 years of experimenting and researching.

The Worlds First Seminar’s on Intraday trading using only 100 % Solar Cycles.

World’s First Web Seminar on Financial Astrology….. Trading Harmonically introduces another First; Virtual Webinars Virtual Knowledge 2009

Mastering one concept at a time, resonate with your favorite.
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World’s First Planetary Candlesticks approach to trading all markets.

Forecasted Moves in over a 100 market events and posting actual results, true accountability.

No technical Indicators needed….Simplify your approach. Get Harmonic with the World’s Markets.

Tested and forecasted in nearly 200 markets worldwide, where else have you seen this.

Public forum now reaches 55 Countries and 6 continents.

Forecast Crash on Oct 6th 2008 For week, Key crash target 832 Actual level 837***

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