Star Trek movie review from a Star Wars fan
As a Star Wars fan I've had a lot of fun mocking Trekkies, throughout the years. But, this movie changed everything I believed about Star Trek, did everything right, and is exactly what the newer Star Wars movies got wrong.

This movie is a prequel that begins before Spock and Capt. Kirk first met but spins it in an innovative approach. I don’t want to give it away but instead of telling a story where we can expect it's outcome they completely reinvented Star Trek.

Visually this movie killed it on so many levels. Set design was futuristic in nature minus the fake CGI. The cinematography style has alot of lens flares and color shifts that again gives off a futuristic style yet doesn't polish it to the point of BS.

The action scenes ride a nice balance of awesome. Sky dive from space onto a drilling platform, no problem. Pull out a Samurai sword that extended out like a light saber, bad ass. Get stranded on a snow plant and get chased by a snow monster dog, how could anyone not dig this movie?

What I enjoyed best about Star Terk was the demeanor that Capt. Kirk radiates. It’s a confident funniness that works so well in a leading character that gets pushed, punched and kicked around from start to finish.

I can now officially call myself a Star Trek Fan… Live long and prosper.

cool magazine!

Great movie! Saw it six times.

Saw the movie this weekend. It was bad ass. Agree with you on the visuals and Captain Kirk.

Didn`t get Star Wars fans until I bought an ex-boyfriend a limited edition box set. Made me watch the movies with him. They were awesome. I normally wouldn`t touch Star Trek but I have to go see this movie. It looks bad ass.

If you see the movie let me know what you think