Andreas and Matt helping make Aliki's very own mix.
MixMyGranola is gonna mix it up
Miami based web start-up  MixMyGranola has a cool concept. You pick your granola, your ingredients, extras and add-ons and then they prepare and deliver your creation.
The ordering process is simple. First you pick your base granola flavor. Currently you have 4 to choose from, Organic, Low-Fat, French Vanilla and 100% Organic Muesli. The next steps include choosing from a variety of dried fruits, seeds and extras. Normally you can add chocolate covered goodies but are not available during chocolate melting season, better know as summer... Each ingredient is priced at one-ounce intervals so you can order each to your liking. They recently added the option to include enhancers. Kinda like the stuff you add to your smoothie for an extra kick.
During the ordering process you can view the nutrition facts of your mix. It's dynamically calculated as you add or remove your ingredients. It’s also printed on the back side of the container. That's really cool!

The container is pretty cool as well. It’s tubular, about 11 inches high and 3 round. It was quite bigger than I had expected.
Once you're all done you get to name your mix. You also get a special Mix-ID code assigned to your mix for easy sharing and reordering.
You normally do this online but cofounder’s Andreas and Matt invited us to their warehouse. Kiki, me and my daughter Aliki got the cool opportunity to watch the "Aliki' Mix" get created. Andreas helped her choose kid approved ingredients (organic gummy bears included) and gave us a quick rundown on the process.

In this, the age of digital commerce, it's nice to be reminded that real people are the ones preparing your mix. You might not have the opportunity to watch your mix being mixed but you'll definitely have a good time eating it.
Oh and to my surprise gummy bears taste awesome with granola! Good call Aliki.

OpenZine's mixes to try!
Coco Mix Humby
(mix-id: AB003E2C)
French Vanilla Granola, Organic Raisins, Golden Raisins, Cocoa Crisp Bites, Organic Cacao Powder

Pump Up The Party Mix
(mix-id: 4C8A91F9)
Organic Granola, Organic Banana Chips, Sunflower Seeds, Organic Jelly Beans, Candy Corn, Fruity Loops, Organic Blueberry

Color Me Bad
(mix-id: CB16ACD0)
French Vanilla Granola, Dried Strawberries, Dried Blackberries, Dried Raspberries, Organic Gummy Bears, Organic Jelly Beans

this is very interesting! i hope it works for you....hmmmm maybe jelly beans and acai berries?

best entry i`ve seen so far!

What a really cool concept. I hope it takes off. It would have been great to know the link, and also the average price though.

Cool idea. I like the packaging. Jelly Beans and granola- that`s a dangerous combo for me. I LOVE jelly beans and LOVE granola. Good choice on the yogurt-covered pretzels. I bet it tastes good.