Welcome to OpenZine.
Hi I’m Humby and I started this with my brother Kiki. He’s the painter dude in your subscribers list. You should check out his artwork. So we created OpenZine so you can create really amazing things and display it with equal quality. You don’t need to know any html or image editing or any of that. All you need is an idea.

We’ve invented tools to help you get your ideas out to the world. The best way to describe what OpenZine is by understanding how magazines work. Magazines have a staff of writers, photographers, designers, illustrators and editors that create & contribute. Here at OpenZine you create & contribute on those same principles but your resources are other OpenZine users!

Just imagin you’re creating a zine about your vacation to Miami. You need a picture of the beach but you don’t have one. No worries, you can clip your friends

With OpenZine you can create with the same soul of a zine but with the legs of the internet. We created all the tools you’ll need and networked it all together so you can share your pictures, writings and videos with everyone you want.

Nothing motivates me more then learning about the vastness of space. I read somewhere once that the diameter of the Milky Way is 100,000 light years. Just imagine traveling at the speed of light and it would take 100,000 years to get to the other side! That’s crazy! And this is one galaxy out of billions!

How it began all the way back in 1993
OpenZine began as an idea in 1993 to create a publication that was open to ideas from different perspectives and multiple sources. As it grew, readers would send in letters, articles & pictures that were often included in issues. OpenZine would later become one of the most acclaimed Zine’s of it’s time.

Back then, the heart of OpenZine was heavily based on layout and graphics.

Aside from its initial success, OpenZine hit hard times. Then later Kiki went off to college. Humby fell into deep depression thinking his life’s passion was dead. All was lost! OpenZine would never publish another issue, so he thought…

Seven years later, on a drive up to Tallahassee to visit Humby’s daughter, lighting hit! Print is dead but OpenZine can live again! In 2008 that original idea from 1993 advanced to allow everyone to create their very own version of OpenZine. Giving users all the possible tools they'll need to discover, create and socially share information.