Bulbous Corn Kernels
Heard a segment on the radio today about this corn smut biz. Some spell it Huitlacoche, others spell it Cuitlacoche. I'm going to use the latter because that's how it sounded the first time I ever learned of it. Pronounced  kweet-la-CO-chay.  Haven't tried it yet but I definitely will. Basically it occurs when a rain drop seeps into a closed corn husk and then the moisture creates the fungus, or however that science manifests. And so the corn kernels swell up into silvery black bulbous masses. A nuisance to some farmers, but a delight to others, especially in Mexico. It is considered somewhat of a delicacy in mexican cuisine. Giving an earthy, mushroomy, corny flavor, it is used in soups and also filling for crepes, burritos and tacos I assume and other dishes.