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The sXePhil factor
ShayCarl has mentioned several times that he got his start from sXePhi. sXePhi, also known as Philip DeFranco, creates fast cut, rant style videos about the days news and events. Shay said one of his first video's was a video reply to sXePhi. They befriended each other, I guess, and now seem to be best friends and have Bar-b-que all the time at Phils house. Go Internets!!!

Wow in this old video he seems so mellow. He's crazy now. Haha
ShayCarl and the ShayTards that love him!!!
Shay's family includes MommyTard, PrincessTard, SonTard and the adorable BabyTard.

MommyTard, holy cray! With every good man is an even awesommer women. ShayCarl married up, bigtime. He's no dope. She has her own channel called Katilette.

BabyTard always has a smile on her face and reminds me a bit of my daughter when she was younger.

PrincessTard is just that, a princess. She's exactly what you'd expect from a princess.

SonTard is an awesome kid and he may be the best cameraman of the bunch.

They also have a huge dog named Malakai (spelling?). He's the size of a horse but a gentle giant!

As a family they are great to watch. It really gives you a sense of how much fun being a family can be. You really start caring for them and see that they really are genuinely good people. I want them to succeed even more on YouTube and I hope it brings them as much joy making the video's as it brings me watching them. 
ShayCarl is loud, obnoxious and hilarious on YouTube
I was looking for videos on Comic-Con when I discovered ShayCarl. At first I was confused and thought he was (a delivery driver) delivering books for the Hot for Words lady. Haha! A few minutes in I started wondering 'who's this guy and why is he so friggin funny!?!' I went on a ShayCarl binge and probably watched 50 of his videos that day. He cracked me up.

ShayCarl is a hilariously loud fat guy with a smokin hot wife and three adorable kids. He makes video's on Youtube about his life and friends. He has two channels on YouTube. ShayCarl and his daily video channel ShayTards. I highly suggest you subscribe to both.

I really enjoy his daily video's. He includes his family and it's really funny watching them. For the last few weeks, I've watched the latest one each day with my morning cup of coffee. :) He films anything from a mundane trip to the corner store, too jamming it up at a Green Day concert. All the while he's just really happy and silly. His on camera attitude is: Who cares who's watching, this is fun and this will probably make their day.

Flip UltraHD

SNL had Chris Farley, King of Queens had Kevin James and YouTube has ShayCarl :-)

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YouTubers join forces to create TheStation channel!

ShayCarl used to be a radio DJ in Idaho but moved to LA to be a part of a new YouTube Channel called TheStation. TheStation is a group of YouTubers teaming up and doing skit comedy.


TheStation includes

KassemG LisaNova ShaneDawsonTV Sxephil
Shaycarl hiimrawn Daxflame TheDiamondFactory
thebdonski Davedays WhataDayDerek Nigahiga

Charles Trippy
I've also stared watching Charles Trippy and his daily videos too CTFxC. His girlfriend Alli is in Spain so you get to see a mashup of videos from both of their daily lives. He recently visited LA and shot a video for TheStation...

This video below is an awesome one they recently shot for CTFxC.

You know, Shay Carl has a new website, it`s awesome! It allows you to see his Twitter Feed, Daily Booth Photos, and YouTube Videos on the same page! It`s great! Check it out at

cool issue mannnn. i had no idea youtube had something called TheStation

Killed the germ`s broker, lol. :) He`s funny. Gotta check out more of his stuff when my sister ends her hijacking of my laptop.

An oldie but goodie