This is for you, yeah you, the new guy...
OK I know the feeling... you just signed up. You're all excited. Pumped up and ready to go. Ready for that first issue. It's gonna be awesome... yeah yeah yeah... Yes, I'm gonna make it about... hmmm

Then you say to yourself, what should it be. It could be about you, but nah you want this to be different. You want it to be something others will want to clip and use. Something that will show the internets how smart and cleaver you are, right
Well my advice is this. Don't worry so much about the first issue. You can change it after it's published and tweak it as you go. Id actually make the first issue about yourself. Once you publish a couple issues, I promise you'll catch that publishing bug and you'll be pumping out issue in no time.

One of the cool things about OpenZine is that everything is saved and sorted in issues. So when you're 10 issues deep, new readers will get a kick out of seeing your start. The funny 'What was he thinking' though...

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How to upload wide images for your banner

Tips, you want tips
Here are some helpful tips for making your zine better
  1. Click on the image icon in the text editor to add an image to your text article.
  2. Using clipped content to create an issue quickly
  3. When you change your zine layout, whatever content isn’t used will be hidden, just click another layout and I’ll come back.
  4. If you want to edit your content while adding it to the layout click on the "Content Management" link (on the Content page).
  5. When you publish an issue use the promote feature to send it out to your friends outside of OpenZine, they don’t need to sign up. 
  6. Look at your favorite magazine for cover ideas. 
  7. When creating your zine banner scroll to the right and left (in the image editor) to view the whole canvas. 
  8. Upload your really wide images sideways, and then rotate them in the image editor so it takes up the width of the banner canvas.

I’ll add some more soon…