Mark Cuban and Kiki Valdes at TC50
Kiki chillin with our day 2 demopit neighbor David from MyJambi. Check out Nelly in the back!
Humby of OpenZine with Jeff Shiau and Phil Tadros. Cool cats!
Me and Tanya from Mahalo. (Its a Screen capture, Kiki took video insted of a pic haha) She was hard at work with all the good people at TC50
Taking a little break on day two.

Jason Calacanis stopped by and spent a good few minutes with us giving some real solid feedback. Then even uploaded our pic on his flickr. Great guy!
The man himself Michael Arrington from TechCrunch. He was in a hurry but was cool and let me grab a pic with him.
Humby & Kiki's Crunch time at TechCrunch50
Just got back home form TC50 and I am beat. Man what a great experience! We came across so many great people doing such amazing stuff. It’s moments like these that I realize how lucky I am. After the first day when Kiki and I got back to the hotel I told him “My feet hurt, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m losing my voice but I’m ready for day two! How can anyone not do what they love? This isn’t work!”

TC50 was a crash course on perfecting our pitch. I was a bumbling idiot and now I can explain OpenZine in 30 seconds.

On day one we were in spot 41. Our neighbors were Seesmic and Social|Median. Unfortunately the wifi was on the fritz. I had planned ahead and made a video screencast so we had something to show. Most people were very responsive. Since the wifi was down we got the opportunity to come back on day two and chilled with MyJambi and InciteBot.
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The cool guys at Minor Studios
Me being happy in the techcrunch50 demopit
Outside of TC50
So many things come to mind when you think of the beginning of September. For one my mom’s birthday is in early September, can’t forget that because I’m such a good son; right mom? Also it’s the anniversary of 911 so it’s a mixture of things that play out in our minds at the beginning of the Virgo month. This early September my brother Humby and I were in for a big treat. We got to travel to San Francisco and show off our new startup in the DemoPit at TechCrunch50. This is all very new to me and same thing goes for the city of San Francisco. We live in Miami, where you basically live in a flat humid pancake with palm trees and bad drivers. So San Fran was just so different. As I write this I have an awful sore throat. The weather over there was so nice that when I came back here the weather difference took a toll on me. It could have been that or just the fact we did 400 Demo’s in 2 days! It was all worth it because anyone that was there will tell you that TC50 was amazing!
TechCrunch50 DemoPit 2008
I didn’t get a chance to check out all the great startups in the demopit but I wanted to compile a list of the highlights I did see.

Here are a few highlights:

They are kind of like ebay but for services. If you need a tutor or you got skills this is the place to find someone who needs and pays for your skills. They were our day two neighbors.

This is by far one of the coolest online tools I’ve ever seen. You can create your website in minutes and know nothing about all that HTML junk. Click click click awesome!

This is a really cool Facebook app that lets you share the cool stuff you find on the internet. I can’t count the times I’ve send links around by email, what a hassle right? Best part is you can specify who in your network can see your links, Friends, Family co-Workers. I hope they make a Myspace version.

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Very profesinal,I think thats how u spell it

Looks like a great conference. Congratulations on experiencing the dream. Lots of great things to come, I`m sure.