My Chocri Chocolate bars shipped all the way from Europe
Tasting chocolate is a nice job to have :)
Taking the first bite from the Chocri chocolate bar
Personalized gourmet chocolate gifts from europe
If someone handed me a bag of Milky Way candy bars I’d be really happy. If they included Snickers and some M&M’s I’d be even happier. What can I say, I’m easy to please :) I don’t think my girlfriend would be very impressed with a bag of chocolate thou. Shaped like a heart or a rabbit, maybe… if I’m trying to be corny.

Luckily this happened to one of the founders of a new gourmet chocolate company called Chocri. Chocri is an online chocolate store that allows you to customize your very own chocolate candy bar.

Like my friends at MixMyGranola the process is simple. Pick your base chocolate, add toppings and a few steps later you have a completely customized chocolate bar that looks just as sweet as it taste. They suggest you order three.

  • Great gift idea
  • Your own chocolate bar
  • Tons of toppings
  • Bigger then I expected
  • A bit pricey
  • Need to know what the person likes
  • Large packaging
You’ll really impress your girlfriend when you hand her a hand-made chocolate bar with her favorite toppings that came all the way from Europe, just for her. If that doesn’t put a smile on her face, break up with her.

Chocri Online Store

Chocri on Twitter | Chocri on Facebook
Chocolate Bar gift idea

(Sorry, crappy lighting on the video.)

The three I ordered
(Full disclosure: I asked for review samples. These were complimentary.)

Milk Chocolate
Raisins, ground coffee beans, peanuts, honey chocolate drops and Mini sugar bananas.

Dark Chocolate
Cinnamon, sprinkles, strawberry, Roasted Almonds and Gummy Bears.

White Chocolate
Pecans, cranberries, candied rose pedals, gummy bears and rosemary.

I love what you have done with the site and so far seen nothing that matches...but can a girl get a alittle please...been weeks with no support at all :(

As someone who would rather consume chocolate than any other food item except cheese, this looks like its right up my alley!

I would like to review some products it sounds interesting

Chocolate! As a girlfriend, I`d be impressed by european chocolate, especially if it came with carnations and a customized Valentine`s card- the old school kind :) The white chocolate looks good!

One of the founders giving an overview of how they make the chocri chocolate bars. Its in German, but the process is cool to watch.