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"This is my "I'm naked on a cool couch" face. Ha! I have some major Farrah Fawcett hair going on, specifically the bangs. This was at Armando's really really nice house in Encino where I was able to shoot 4 sets for my paysite in 4 hours. Beguiling Images did the photography." - Vanessa Lake
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Welcome to the latest installment of Sexy Riot.
This fine issue we feature no other then Vanessa Lake. When I first saw her, I was blown away by her seductive beauty. Then when I contacted her about doing this interview, she was very nice and helped me in anything I needed regarding this Q and A. Therefore, I have to say I am now a fan! She's drop dead beautiful and very professional. Everyone should keep an eye out for It's her site, it has not launched yet but make sure to become a member when it does.

This issue is a little different for us. Ms. Lake actually does a lot of nude work. Due to site rules on OpenZine, we can't show the goods. We don't normally feature models that pose nude but Vanessa got our attention. So without further introduction, below is the interview. Enjoy - Sexy Riot webzine


You have a vast amount of model work you have done. What were some of the most recent projects you have worked on that the folks may not know about?

I'm currently on the cover of Skin Art magazine. It will be on stands till June. I have a couple other magazine works coming out in the near future as well. My paysite is also a constant project.

Your the first model we interview that does nude work, was it easy for you to take pictures in all the flesh?

Its easy for me to take nude pictures, but I don't take nude pictures just for the fun of it. All of my nude work has been paid and/or is for my members only website

Tell us a little bit about your personal site, what can people find on there? will be a place for me to share everything "Vanessa Lake". It will have exclusive photo sets, videos, web cam chat, blog, candids, and more.

Are you a natural red head?

I'm not a natural red head. I was a very light blonde up until now.

If we steal your ipod what would be listening to?

Dion, Mickey and Sylvia, Chuck Berry, Elvis and of course Frank Sinatra. Stuff like that.

Your beauty is striking. Where do you get your looks from? Where is your family from?

Thank you very much. I get told I look like my mother, just with different colored eyes. Hers are green. My mother is Irish and English. My father is Cherokee Indian.

What are some publications you worked with in the past.

Skin Art, Alt girl and there are others I recently worked with that should be coming out soon.

Which ones would you like to work with in the near feature?

Goodness, there are so many. Obviously tattoo magazines, and Leg Show is a cool one. I am big on hair and makeup, so magazines that showcase hair/makeup would be fun too.

Do you have a boyfriend? if so how does he feel about it

I do have a wonderful boyfriend. I'm not sure if you are asking me how he feels about me modeling or about me modeling nude? Either way he is very supportive. We work together a lot. He is an experienced photographer specializing in artistic adult content so nude modeling isn't a big deal to him.

What do you look for in a man?

I'm not looking for a man, but being very smart and quick witted is such a turn on.

Who are some of the photographers you like working with best?

It has been a real pleasure to work with Beguiling Images. He has given me most of my all time favorite images. Sam from S.H. Photography is so good at what he does, I loved working with him. Nick Saglimbeni from Slickforce Studios was a blast. Ken Marcus is such a character, his studio is like this huge adult playground. Isaac Madera is also great to have worked with.

How do you feel about gay marriage?

I'm all for gay marriage. I don't understand why people get upset over gay marriage.

Any creepy stories?

I have been fortunate to not have any creepy modeling stories. But when I was around 20 years old I was living in Santa Barbara and filling out a job application for this adult bookstore and a bizarre creepy homeless man harassed me. I was sitting on the curb of the street and the man walks in front of me (besides blocking my sun he gave off such a horrible odor) and punching his fist into the palm of his other hand says in scruffy voice " wanna die young or you wanna die old?!" I thought it must be a joke and started laughing and said "old...duh". I guess he didn't like that answer because he proceeded to say he was going to "pull my hair out " with other profanities. Not my hair!! My hair is my favorite attribute so I thought to myself, what can I do if he actually tries to pull my hair out? All I had to defend myself was my job application and the pen I was writing with.So my options were paper cutting him or stabbing him with my dinky little pen which grossed me out to think about. While my thoughts were processing he continued to get louder and louder, until he was shouting all the horrible things he was going to do to me. Keep in mind he is about a foot away from my face. One of those real close talkers no one likes. What the hell was I going to do? I looked around frantically for someone to save me, but nobody wanted to get involved with this insane man. They just wanted to stare from a safe distance away. Turds. I couldn't believe it when 3 cops walk out of a little deli 2 shops down and intervene. They told me they heard the man yelling at me from inside. I shared with them all the nice things the crazy man shouted at me and they arrested him. The cops said he was going to apologize to me and immediately I think oh no he is going to try and spit on me or something. But he didn't. He apologized and they escorted him away and put him the back of their car. I never did get hired at that adult bookstore either, haha.

What's the end game? Can you tell us what some of your major goals are?

My main goal at this point is to focus on turning my paysite, , into a successful enterprise. Nothing beats taking sexy photos and making your own schedule!


You got some tattoos, are you into art? If so who's your favorite tattoo artist? artist from art history or contemporary art?

I'm definitely a huge fan of art and I view my tattoos as works of art as well. My two favorite tattoo artists are the two which worked on the custom sleeves I have. Jime Litwalk did the artwork on my left arm and Adam "Honkey Kong" Hawthorne did the Alice in Wonderland themed sleeve on my right arm. Besides tattoos and tattoo artists I really like the artwork in comic books. My favorite comic book artists are Dan DeCarlo and Bill Ward. These two artists have such an amazing style when it comes to drawing women in their artwork. From their faces down to the curves of their bodies, their work screams sex appeal in a really classy vintage style.

What do you like best about modeling at this point in your career?

I find modeling to be similar to acting for me. The best part is that I always get to play a glamorous sex kitten. I love the ability to play dress up and transform who I am for that moment. I get to be someone else day to day and create a personality for them...It's almost like I get to go undercover.

How do you feel about the adult industry? Is it hard to avoid since your located in LA?

The definition of "adult content" is really fuzzy and depends on who you ask. Some people view my work as raunchy filth and others don't even consider it in the realm of adult work. I embrace the adult industry and consider myself to be part of it in the most prudish way possible. I consider my work to be really soft, Playboy styles nudes, with a strong emphasis on fetish and glamor and a more artistic twist. This is simply my vision of adult content. It doesn't just stimulate the libido but also the mind, not unlike a lot of other art out there.

What's your favorite candy and why?

I love jujubes. They get stuck in my back teeth and I have to suck them out after they get soft enough. I don't know why I like that but I do, haha. I also love lemonheads. I have a big sweet tooth and these are just my top 2.